Getting Out of Your Head

Blast Off
How often do you talk yourself out of doing something you wanted to do?  How often does that voice in your head persuade you to stay in verse going out, finishing a project, making a call?   And how do you stop it?
I read a book by Mel Robins called the “5 Second Rule” that helped changed my life and getting myself out of this funk where all I wanted to do was lay around the house.  For about a year I missed out on some great life experiences, and for over two years I missed a lot of work events I wanted to go to, but my voice in my head persuaded me to stay home. 
This rule is pretty much when you need to do something if you count down from 5 and move (not necessary moving to do what you want to do, but just move) you are more likely to do what you mind will try to talk you out of.  Example, let’s say you want to get out of bed by 6am. So you set the alarm, how many times after the alarm goes off you convince yourself to stay in bed longer?  But once the alarm goes off, you count down from 5.  5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 and go shut the alarm off, the chances of you going back to bed drop dramatically.  This is one reason why I leave my alarm clock (ok, my phone) in the living room forcing me to walk and turn off my phone.  
When I sleep on the couch I move my phone to the bedroom, just to get me to move.  Another example,  You have a networking event at 7pm but you got home from work at 4.  You are in your comfy clothes watching reruns of your favorite shows, and you need to start getting ready.  How often do you skip the event?  But if you count down from 5 get up and take two steps you are more likely to get yourself ready to  go to the event.  
Falling circumstance to the voice in your head can be dangerous to long term growth and self improvement of yourself.  I suggest giving this book a go, or simply just start counting down from 5 when you need to get yourself out of your head. 

Please send me a message or start a discussion below, if things haven’t happen to you as you’ve planned.  Someone like you is think the same thing, however they are waiting on YOU to start the discussion

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