How To Press Tofu

tofu press
A question I get often is how I get rid of the excess water that tofu is packaged in.  You can see it in their face that they are hoping for some magical tool I’ve found on Amazon.  But truth be told I use household items to press my tofu.  By not using a tofu presser I’ve found out that I save a lot of time and effort.  Most non-commercial pressers only press on brick at a time.  And who has time for that?
If you batch cook like I do, one tofu brick at a time does nothing for me, a typical prep day for me I need 4-6 bricks of Tofu.  (I go through a good amount of tofu every week).  The items that I use to press my tofu are:
  • Cloth Towels (I’d prefer Tea Towels if I had them).  I don’t use paper towels as they are not reusable, and I try to limit my carbon footprint where I can
  • Two Dinner Plates – Same Size (more depending on how many bricks I’m pressing)
  • Cast Iron Skillets (I use 3)


After I drain the tofu from the water in the package, I wrap each brick individually and place on a dinner plate.  Once each brick is wrapped I place a dinner plate upside down over the wrapped tofu.  Then place the skillets on top.  I use the dinner plates to keep the integrity of the tofu as it comes without damaging or misshaping the tofu.
After a hour or two (depending on the weather, conditions etc) I remove the skillets and flip the dinner plates.  Then apply the skillets again.  Depending on how wet the tofu still is I may re-wrap the tofu and repeat the process.  Normally that isn’t needed.   But depending on how high moisture is and the weather it might be needed.  
Boom your tofu is ready to prep.

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