In a lot of the spices I’ve written about antioxidants comes up as one of the key benefits of the spice.  But what is an antioxidant exactly? What exactly does antioxidants do for the body?  What spices have I found that are high in antioxidants? 

What is an Antioxidant?

The best way I’ve found to define antioxidants is by saying “they help prevent cell damage, or at least prolong the damage to cells”.  You consume antioxidants through many different food sources as well as spices.  

What does an Antioxidant do?

After you consumed an antioxidant it travels through your bloodstream into your cells and helps to remove free radicals from your bloodstream.  Free radicals are bad!  They attached themselves to your cells and that is what causes damage to the cells.  
So antioxidants help eliminate free radicals from attaching to your cells therefore eliminating cell damage to your body.   Free radicals enter your body in multitude of ways such as, stress, smoking, drinking alcohol, bad diet, suntanning, infections, toxins, etc. 

Spices with Antioxidants 

  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Cinnamon 
Since we hate on the potato so much, I’ll mention that the potato is also a good source of antioxidants.  


Since you can’t get antioxidants straight up, you get it from sources like Vitamin C, E, A, and food there is no recommended amounts I could find, it is more or less get your recommended dosages of vitamins and nutrients that contain antioxidants properties and you’ll be good.
What ways do you consume antioxidants?   Have any questions for me?  Please send me a message or start a discussion below.  Someone like you is think the same thing, however they are waiting on YOU to start the discussion.

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