Are Bananas Good For You?

At one point i’m sure we have all heard that bananas are bad for you because of their sugar content, and it sometimes gets compared to a candy bar.  But is this true?  Does the sugar make bananas bad for you?  

Single BanasIf we look just at the content of sugar (not the source) just strictly the sugar per grams of weight, yes a banana has a lot of sugar.  However all sugars are not created equal.  Natural sugar is by far a lot better for you than refined sugar.  In my non-accredited opinion on bananas I think they are fine to incorporate into your diet, that have a ton of healthy benefits, they taste good, and I feel fruit is fine to be a part of your diet.  I personally eat a lot of it per day, and am still able to lose weight and fat.

Key Benefits

Tons of Nutrients – Bananas contain nutrients such as potassium, vitamins B6 & C, magnesium, copper, and Manganese,  which isn’t bad for one piece of fruit.

Improve Your Digestive System – Bananas contain fiber which helps keep you regular.

Aid in Weight Loss – contrast to popular belief bananas can help aid weight loss. By eating more fiber dense foods such as fruits and vegetables it has been linked to weight loss (1).   It is also been researched that eating an unripe bananas have resistant starch, which helps curb your appetite.  (But it could be just the taste of an unripe bananas is the source of your curbed appetite too!)

Recovery and Performance – Bananas are predominantly known for their ability to help with muscle cramps and muscle fatigue which comes from their minerals and digestive carbohydrates.  

This is why I personally started eating bananas daily.  A few times in the recent past, my legs pretty much stopped working.  It was rough to get them to move.  I can’t explain it but my leg muscles were exhausted.  It was recommend to me to eat more bananas. I wasn’t eating much fruit, because I was afraid of the carbohydrates from sugar, and didn’t do any research on my own.  Now I eat one or two bananas a day, and really have not had any muscle fatigue since then.  

My diet is pretty consistent. When I incorporate something new into my diet, I try to keep everything else I consume the same as before. This is so I can see if I can notice a difference, and pinpoint why.

Easy of Travel – Bananas are easy to throw in your bag and have as a quick snack while running around through your day.  It has some natural sugar in there to give you a nice pick me up in the afternoon, while also not weighing heavy on you, so you become tired.

Bananas and Acne

 As I mentioned before I had heard from someone I actually admired in the fitness world and blindly took what he said for gold.  He was making his “Green Hulk Juice” recipe and explain the importance of each item.  He started talking why he put bananas into his drink and how it was for good for the skin. Well my back has acne on it, and to me that sounded like another good reason to continue to eat bananas daily.  Something natural that helps get rid of this acne? Sign me up!  

However that wasn’t true when I started researching in depth what I was consuming. Acne is by definition an inflammatory skin condition from a collection of sticky skin oil and dead skin trapped in your pores.  Bananas are ranked high on the glycemic index which means it absorbs faster than most other foods.  And since a banana contains a good amount of sugar, that sugar makes your skin more oily. (3)  


What are your thoughts on bananas?   Please contact me or start a discussion below, I’m sure others are thinking the same as you, but are waiting on YOU to start the discussion. (2)

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