Make It Happen


When it comes to changes in your life to you lean into change or do you fight it? 

For 86% of Americans they fight the idea of change.  And while they resist that change can lead to a better quality of life, they won’t change.  Their mind processes everything that could go wrong and it freezes them.  If instead of focusing or dwelling on the negatives, you’d focus on how your quality of life would improve, and how you’ve prepared yourself for this change, it wouldn’t be as scary. 

We like to focus on the negatives, that is how we are programmed.  But if can alter how we think, we are more likely to make more changes, and focus on how these changes are good.    When I moved out of my condo, I was not happy with the idea of house I was temporary moving into before I headed across the country. 

I was thinking about everything I hated about this house, while yes I knew it was temporary, the idea of living there at all just sucked.  But as the time grew closer that I was moving in, my demeanor changed on how I looked at this place.  I started to think about that it was free to live there, I had more space, easier to let my dog out, and the internet was a lot faster.  (if you own a web based company you’ll understand that one)

I also knew I had to let go of things from my old life to move forward with my new life, I was building.  While I still love that condo in downtown Cleveland, my future isn’t in Cleveland, it is elsewhere.  I couldn’t move if I wasn’t willing to let go of it. 

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