Just Show Up

Joshua Greene
This is one of the rules of my life that I try to live by everyday.  I tend to always be there when needed or invited by someone to an event.  And even in hard times I’ve learned when I don’t necessarily want to be somewhere and I do show up versus when I don’t show up on how things transpire.  Usually things are never as made as my creative mind would lead me to believe they will be.  And it I also think that things turn out better in situations when you are there opposed to when you are not.  
I’ve talked before when times I wouldn’t leave my house because I would talk myself out of it, those times I lost a lot business wise and personally.  Now when I know something is going on, I do my best to make sure I’m there.  When I was at my peak of performing well in life, I would show up for everything, I would never miss a work event, a personal event, nothing.  It was burning the candle hot and fast, but when you are used to that kind of lifestyle you have the endurance.  Hardly ever would I crash and I never felt overwhelmed.  To me it was my norm.  Now that things have slowed done, it is hard to get that endurance back, but I still always try go to places and meet up with people when asked.  
However now that I’m older, I do cherry pick some events, that I just don’t want to go to!  As this goes for the business world,showing up means when you know you are going to get chewed out, or you’re going to hear some unpleasant things about you, or anything that isn’t going to be pleasant to do you still need to be there. 

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