My Weekly Workout Routine
The cliche opening to this blog post is “I get asked a lot about what my workout routine is”, which is true I do get asked about it regularly. I will share my current routine but remember my routine may not work for you. Usually once or twice a year I change up my routine, […]
Soy Lecithin: Good or Bad?
One of the proteins I developed for my supplement nutrition company (launches February 2019) contains soy lecithin. And when one of my partners who had not research some of the ingredients beforehand got concern when he read some articles that led him to believe lecithin is bad for. But is it? I first want to […]
Maltodextrin: Safe or Not?
Maltodextrin, what do you know about it? If you are like me you probably never heard of it, until someone pointed it out to you. Nor did you know that it is contained in many foods you probably already eat such as: Pasta Rice Cooked Cereals Soups Salad Dressing Energy / Sports Drinks Supplements I […]
In a lot of the spices I’ve written about anti-inflammation comes up as one of the key benefits of the spice. But what exactly is inflammation? What does an anti-inflammatory do? Definition The simplest definition of inflammation I could find is “localized reaction that produces redness, warmth, swelling, and pain as a result of [an] […]
Why I Yoga
I’m not one for group classes at the gym, my style has been referred to as “meathead” training. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but I like to train by myself and use free weights and a limited amount of machines. I stay away from High Intensity Training, and power movements. Like most the gym […]
Coconut Oil With Your Coffee?
For more than a month now, I've added maybe a 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil to my coffee before I head off to the gym. What I have personally notice and it could be strictly a placebo affect too. * Increased intensity at the gym * More awake (I'm at the gym before 6am most days), and I've struggled energy wise. * Slight increase in my lifts.