Health Benefits of Limes

Citrus Lime Water
Recently I’ve been getting burned out with plain water.  My normal drinking routine is hot lemon water in the morning, Amino Energy during my workouts, coffee through work, and then water throughout the day.  There was not much variety and I was getting a bit burned out drinking alkaline water all day.  And when I have a personal life, not drinking in front of others got my served with 20 questions on why I didn’t drink anymore (everyone assumes it was because of a problem I had with it).  Check out this blog for more on why I did stop.  
So I started drinking sparkling water like Perrier or Pellegrino but when I went out I would add a lime.  I did this strictly for appearance to whomever I was out with assumed I was drinking a Vodka soda or Gin and soda whatever.  It alleviated the self-guilt to those around me who were drinking and felt guilty.  
But as usual anything I introduced to my body, I like to do some research on, to see what health benefits there are, and if there is anything negative too.   While most of the benefits can come from mixing a lime with water, not all, some are used in oils as well.  

Pack with Nutrients 

A serving size of roughly 67 grams will yield you about 2 grams of fiber, 22%  of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C,  2% of Iron, 2% of Calcium, 2% B6, and 1% Potassium.  Limes are also high in antioxidants.

Skin Care

Since limes are high in Vitamin C (which is used to make collagen), collagen helps keep your skin tight.   Lime juice also contains healthy acids that help remove dead skin cells (if applied directly to your skin).  

Helps with Digestion 

The natural aroma of a lime helps salivate your mouth which aids primary digestion.   As we know limes are acidic so this naturally breaks down macro molecules of your meal.    Also if constipated a high dose of lime juice and salt and help give you some relief.  

Weight Loss

Nutritionist has found that the citric acid found in lime juice helps boost a person’s metabolism, helping them burn more calories and store less fat.  

Fights Infections

As mention above limes are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants.  This will help strengthen your immune system.  And help your body naturally fight off infections like the flu.  

Reduces Heart Disease

Again with the Vitamin C!  Vitamin C can help lower your blood pressure, which is a major factor when it comes to heart failure.  The potassium found in a lime helps with the blood flow and this again will help lower your high blood pressure.  

Lowers Blood Sugar

According to research done by Dakhale  Vitamin C can lower your blood sugar levels in the morning and post-meal sugar changes.  And as I’ve said all article what is high in Vitamin C?  Yup! Limes.  

Increases Iron Absorption

The absorption of iron is essential to a healthy body.  Iron helps make red blood cells and that transports oxygen around your body.   I try to consume a plant-based diet.  And for my fellow non-meat eaters there are concerns of not having enough iron in our diets.  As iron found in plant-based protein is not absorbed well into the body.    However foods high in Vitamin C help prevent iron deficiency by helping to improve the absorption.

Helps Me Drink More Water

When you get tired of drinking something with no taste, adding a little natural flavor helps you enjoy water a little more.  It allows me the have that extra glass of water that sometimes I’m just not feeling.  

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