My Morning Shake

    Getting a fast start to my morning is important to me, I typically don’t move fast in the morning, so anything I can do to save some time, I’m doing it.   So I pre-make my shake the diet before, which also gives time for the oats to soak.  
    I go to the gym first thing in the morning right after cardio and I really don’t want to come back to the condo to make something so having my shake in my bag to drink on my way to the gym is perfect for me. Simple Plant-Based Shake
    Now you can adjust the amounts to fit your needs and can even be a replacement shake for your breakfast.  But these amounts help me get through my workout while not weighing me down.  I’ve found that eating something before my workout helps me maintain more muscle while burning fat.  
    I usually add one cup of frozen fruit to my shake on leg day.  


    Hard Copy

    Servings: 1 shake
    Macros:  28.7 Protein 22.2 Carbs 5.7 Fat
    Prep Time: Two Minutes


    8 ounces of water
    8 ounces of almond milk (homemade)
    30 grams of oats
    1 serving of fruit (optional)


    Add the oats and protein into your favorite mixer and then add the water and almond milk and blend.  If adding frozen fruit add after blending and then place in refrigerator.
    The next morning, blend again and then serve in your favorite shaker

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