Keeping True to My Lifestyle while Traveling

I like to think of myself as a machine when it comes to my lifestyle diet when it comes to eating as I do everything is in life.  I think no matter where I’m at or what I’m doing I can be consistent in trying to achieve the goals I want.  
Now do I fall off the wagon and have some bad weeks?  YES! Of course I’m human!  But I plan for them.  Like last month when I was out of town for three weeks caddying for Ryan I planned for having a bad week or so knowing I was going to Nashville, Louisiana and Georgia.  So I didn’t let it upset me that I did not watch my diet.   ( I love the local food in Nashville and Louisiana). 
However on most trips I am still very consistent when it comes to what I eat.  For BFY Life  I wrote a three part series on how I travel and keep consistent with my diet.  Now I try to maintain a plant-based protein diet that is vegan focused however the tools and things I do can work for any lifestyle diet.  
Please send me a message or start a discussion below.  Someone like you is think the same thing, however they are waiting on YOU to start the discussion.  

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