Empathy Matters

Empathy Matters - Gq Jesus

A couple of months ago on Instagram, I posted a quote I said “Statistics don’t matter until you are one” I was referencing something about COVID-19. What she was referencing it doesn’t matter and what your views or my views on this as it seems everyone has their opinion and their opinion is clearly correct.  


But what I was saying as she was downplaying the amounts of deaths from COVID-19 as she said it was less than X percentage and so it should not matter. And my comment was what if you are your family was part of the X percentage, would it matter then?  


In our society right now, we tend to only care about what affects us. But others out there are going through their own stuff and while it may not matter to you, it matters to them! I’m not saying you need to help them or even be a participant in their stuff, but you should be human and show them some empathy. 


Empathy by definition means the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. And it the world had a little more empathy I think this us vs them mentality wouldn’t be so strong. I’m not going to get political or discuss hot topics as your thoughts and your opinions are yours and you have every right to stand behind your convictions, but just remember not everyone is you, not everyone has the same experiences as you, as you have not had the same upbringing as everyone in this world.   

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  1. How can leaders encourage a culture of empathy? One of the responsibilities of leadership is defining the long-term vision you have for the organization and establishing some short-term goals for your employees to attain in order to transform your plans into reality.

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