Why 4am?

    Joshua Greene

    I love it when I’m called I’m nuts for training my body to getting up at 3am.  I do this so I  can be at the gym by 4am.  Being part of this exclusive club allows me to trade the hours of 9pm to midnight for 3am to 6am.

    Why is this important? 

    It comes down to productive.  How productive are you after 9pm?  It you are like 99% of American’s, at 9pm you are shut down for the day.  While you are watching your TV shows or getting drunk at the bar, I’m at home sleeping.  I’m preparing to get up early and get a head start on the day, and this gives me an advantage over you.

    If you think about it, what are you missing by staying up to 11pm or midnight? Maybe some live sporting events.  The good news you can watching them the next day if they are that important to you.   According to Mel Brook’s “Five Second Rule” the first four hours you are awake your brain is at its peak.  So why waste that working for someone else? 

    Use these hours while the rest of the world is tucked safely in their beds, to better yourself, advance who you are.  Don’t wait to after your 9-5 and think you are going to be as productive if you would have woken up early and worked on you. 

    How Do I Start?

    If you are getting up at 8a now, you can’t just start waking up at 3am the next day and think it will last.   The first think I would do, is start going to bed earlier.  Pretend you are already getting up at 3am what time would you want to be in bed by?  For me it is 9:30. Next keep your alarm set for your current time. 

    Odds are you will get up earlier.  So when your body naturally wakes you up, get up and stay up. And you are on your way of getting up earlier.  Now that you have your natural time of getting up set your alarm for this time.  I would give yourself a week or so to find this natural time.

    After you get comfortable and your new time,  start setting your alarm up by 8 minutes at a time.  Staying at this new time until you feel solid of getting up at this new time without a struggle.    Continue this until you reach your goal.

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