Time in the South

I wanted to change it up this week’s post and write a post on my time down south in March.  I’m a big fan of the South, I find Southerns to be some of the friendliest, kindest people.  Southern Hospitality is a thing.  And the only thing better then their weather in the winter is the food!  Folks in the South know how to eat!
I personal watch carefully what I eat, but the one week I was in Louisiana I watch my diet go right out the window.  This trip I had spent about 4 days in Nashville, a week in Louisiana, a week in Savannah Georgia, 1/2 a day in Alabama and visiting the manufacturing plant for BFY Life just outside of Atlanta.  
Overall is was a great trip, the only negative thing was my dog didn’t come with me and the trip was too short.  I drove my passenger van down, stopping in Nashville and Alabama on my way to Louisiana.  I often plan my travel based on where I can stop to rest and workout.  My stop in Nashville was for the BBQ, a workout, and to visit with some friends.  Alabama was for a workout going to Louisiana and going to Georgia. Alabama had a Lifetime Fitness and was a nice stopping point.    

Friendliness  & Hospitality

I had always thought the Midwest was some of the nicest people by geographical region. Not to take anything away from the Midwest but southern hospitality is truly a thing. My time in Louisiana we stayed with a family who each and every year goes beyond what they should to make sure Ryan, his family and myself are well taken care for.  The meals, the accommodations, everything, it is done with care.  
When I was in Nashville, I was maybe a 1/2 block away from the door I was going to enter. The person leaving waited for me to get there and held the door open until I got there.  I’ve never seen someone wait that long to hold the door open for someone.  There is just something different about the attitude and caring for their neighbor in the South. Maybe it is the mild winters?  


Friends let me just tell you about the food in the south.  I honestly have no idea how the locals live past 40.  In Nashville their bbq scene has to rival any known city for their bbq.  My personal favorites are Edley’s,  Martin’s and Peg Leg Porkers.  
Now in Louisiana, their cooking is like no other.  The host family we stay with know how to cook. gumbo, Étouffée, steaks, and desserts are the best I’ve had.  The Wednesday before the LA Open commences they have a BCB Party (Beer, Crawfish and Bands).  I go for the crawfish.  It is an all you can eat event, and I take full advantage.   I think this year I had about nine containers full.  
While I was in Georgia I did not partake as much in the local fare as I did in Louisiana.  But everything was made with patience and care, just like in Louisiana.  I just needed to get back on track with my diet and lifestyle.  I feel bloated and weighed down when I eat like I did in Louisiana.   


While being down in Louisiana the locals all were complaining about how cold and wet their winter was. While I can see from their perspective that it may not have been the best winter, but if you look at from a countrywide aspect.  Their awful weather about 90% of the US would love to have for a winter.  
While caddying for Ryan the weather was in the mid 40’s durning the morning while warming up in to the high 60’s low 70’s in the late morning early afternoon.  So from a harden Cleveland the weather was perfect.  And just another reason why I love the south.  

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