Clearing Your Plate

I recently was listening to a podcast, ‘Born to Impact‘ and one of their guest was Heath Evans  and one of the points that was made on this podcast interview really has gotten me thinking.  We’ve all had some type of failures in our lives.  I’m sure of it.  I know I have.  No matter how it is spin, the only thing I thought I ever wanted to do was to be a McDonald’s Owner/Operator.  I was one, and now I’m not.  And the book I’m writing I get more into why that is.  I had thought that was what I wanted to do.  
As it turns out, that is not what was meant to be.  The podcast I mention, I believe Heath said something along the lines of.   That maybe god clears things off your plate to open up space for you to do what god has intended for you to do.  And I bet you thought by this title this was about food! 
I knew who Heath was from watching Mike O’Hearn on the socials, but I didn’t know much about him besides he played football and was on TV.   He was caught up in a sexual harassment scandal that ended with him leaving the NFL Network, where he then started a company ‘Built Ready’.  While he was saying telling this on his podcast, he went into some detail, that god cleared up things that he was doing to make time for what he was meant to do.   I’m a spiritual man, and not very religious anymore, but this got me thinking. 
I believe the universe does conspire to make things happen for you.  While we make our own path in life, and while we may not walk a straight path in the path we are meant to do, I think the universe helps get us get back on path.  
Some people could debate this and say if my life is predetermine then why do i have to do anything and this life would just happen the way it is suppose to.  While a valid point, I don’t think that is how predetermination works.  I feel like from what we are expose to in life gives free thought and that determines the path we are suppose to take.  And when we get off path by are own free will, and that said path isn’t the right path, the universe (or god) gives us an adjustment.  
Why do I think this?  I look back in my life what I’ve been truly passionate about, what truly gets me out of bed in the morning.  When I’m honest with myself it wasn’t the McDonald’s.  While yes I was good at it.  I was good at the bars,  I enjoy my insurance business, and that is fulfilling to my heart.  Helping those protect their future.   Had I stay in the restaurant business I would not have gotten into Insurance
My dietary supplement company has my passion.  I’m doing things for this company I never thought I could do or knew could be done.  I’m doing website content, design, SEO, distribution, fulfillment, selling, etc.  Things I never thought I was capable of.  I also think knowing that this company can get me out of Cleveland helps.  I never thought I would be in Cleveland for as long as I’ve been here.  
Listening to Heath’s word, and reflecting from the two hour podcast, I feel like he may be on to something.  Sal a partner of mine in BFY Life says he does hear my passion for the business when I talk, and I don’t think anyone said that to me in a long time.  It makes me feel that all decisions and events have led me to the spot I’m suppose to be at.  If this is the long-term plan for me I dunno, but I feel I’m exactly where I need to be.
Please send me a message or start a discussion below, if things haven’t happen to you as you’ve planned.  Someone like you is think the same thing, however they are waiting on YOU to start the discussion.  

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