Perspective Not Truths

Have you noticed that when you communicate with someone,  you feel that you are communicating clearly and it can be assumed that the person you are talking to thinks they are communicating clearly with you.  But how often is there a miscommunication?  
When communicating with others we use our own experiences as our reference points. Perspective 6 or 9But these reference points we believe them to be truths.  Take example this picture.  Is it a six or a nine?  Depending on how you look it, it is both.  But your perspective isn’t necessary the truth or even correct.  It is simply your perspective.  
I’m working with a friend on a business, and this is a prime example of how we both looked at what we were doing as being helpful, but my perspective of the situation was I was getting Monday morning quarterback by him.  His perspective was he was giving insightful feedback.  
The situation was we are working on a startup and my buddy has a full time gig so a lot of the work has been falling onto my lap.  I don’t mind one bit, I love what I’ve been able to contribute to the cause.  However, every time I would show him what I’ve created, he would always comment, and the comments were for change.  I’m not talking here and  there, it was everything.  Regardless of what it is, something as simple as an instagram post, he had  comment on something he wanted changed. He isn’t the President or CEO of the company just a member.  
My perspective was he was criticizing everything I was doing, his perspective was he was giving positive feedback on how to improve the content.  However every time he did this, I would have to go back and redo it.  His feedback was simply an opinion on what he thought looked better, was he right?  was I right?  no one knows since we are both new at this company so it is simply are perspective.  But his perspective and wanting to see the changes caused more work for me, that wasn’t necessary bring any more value to the content, but was for sure going to add work for me.
Now I used the word perspective to describe my story, however it was really what I thought to be true.  Had I actually looked at it as a perspective I probably would have not taken it as personal what he was doing.  
So the bottom line is when working and communicating with others make sure you look at their perspective and if you are not sure where they are coming from ask.  I’m not sure who said this but it about sums up what I’m trying to say “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it’s taking place”
Please send me a message or start a discussion below, if things haven’t happen to you as you’ve planned.  Someone like you is think the same thing, however they are waiting on YOU to start the discussion.  

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