10 Lesson I’ve learned From My Bulldog

    Last January I was able to check off an item on my bucket list, and that was to have an English Bulldog.  My logic behind wanting a bulldog probably wasn’t the soundest, I am a Georgia Bulldogs football fan (Go Dawgs!) and I wanted a little cuddle buddy since my husky, JR Cash isn’t too big in sleeping on the couch next to me or hanging around the bedroom. 

    But nonetheless, I got one and he is awesome.  I named him Roy after my favorite comedy TV series that takes place in England.  Richmond to be more precise.  Yep, Ted Lasso!  I mean you can’t waste opportunities like this! 

    When I got Roy I was assuming he was going to be a sleepy, fat, and lazy puppy.  Not true at all.  And if you think that about English Bulldogs, you should probably do what I should have done beforehand and research them a little as well as watch Instagram Reels.    This brings me to the first thing Roy has taught me

    Let People Underestimate You

    As I mentioned before, I was not expecting a strong-willed, high-strung bulldog.  I was thinking Roy would be sleeping 23 out of 24 hours a day only to get up to eat and use the outdoor plumbing.  Instead, I got a puppy (all dogs are puppies and I will fight you in you disagree) full of energy and who is strong-willed and determined. 

    Love Unconditionally

    I love Roy he is awesome, but sometimes his “bull” headiness (see what I did there?) gets him into some trouble.  So he will get a lecture and me raising my voice at him.  And he does not like that at all.  I’ve never seen a dog so tough yet be such a baby. 

    Even after I’m done yelling at him, he still comes up to me and licks me (apparently that’s a sign of affection for dogs) and still wants to be around me.  He doesn’t protest in the corner or sleep with Cash, nope he plots his butt on the pillow next to me, or on my lap as if nothing has happened.  He knows I love him and thankfully he doesn’t hold a grudge!

    Protect Those Who You Love

    So Roy is very protective of me when it comes to others touching me.  I’ve been known to have a lady friend stay over every once and a while.  Roy always makes sure we leave enough room for the holy spirit (if you went to a junior high catholic dance in the 90s that makes total sense to you). 

    Roy also when others are around will lay over my neck to make sure it is not exposed.  I’m assuming this has something to do with the DNA of the bulldogs and protecting a weak point in the human body. 

    While yes it does get to be too much but this little guy will protect me at all costs, and I love him for that. 

    Take Pride in What you Have

    Roy is so proud of this red ball he has.  And you will hear a lot about this ball throughout this article.  But every time he sees someone at the office or my home he is so proud of this 2/3 chewed-up ball that is probably bacteria affected and just gross. 

    But he is so proud of this ball, and all the “work” he has done with the ball making it almost non-existent.  But he will show it to everyone and is so proud of it.  But don’t you try to touch it!  Unless he is willing to share (and I wouldn’t count on that!)

    Worry About What You Want

    Roy worries about two things (3 if he is “protecting” me), his red ball and eating.   Roy will knock you over, knock it out of your hands,  jump,  or do whatever he needs to do to get what he wants.  You could say he’s “bullheaded”. 

    I’ve watched him go through my other dog, Cash.  Knock tables over, jump on tables, and more to get what he was zoned in on.  It’s like the rest of the world disappeared and the only thing that matters is what he wanted. 

    He has the ultimate focus.  And it was usually that red Kong ball.

    Share The Things You Love

    Except for when it comes to food, Roy will share with me his prized possession, his red ball.  But not all the time.    One day I’m sitting on the couch having a drink and he comes up to me with the red ball in his mouth and he wanted to sit next to me.  So he drops the ball in my drink in exchange for cuddles.  (Yes I finished the drink)  It was too perfect of a hit not to! 

    And most nights when we go to bed, he will take the ball and drop it on me in bed so he can find his way next to me.  He doesn’t try to take the ball back, he just wants me to have it.    It’s rather cute! 

    Be You

    Roy doesn’t care what others think or do, Roy does what Roy wants to do.  He wants to jump on you to get your attention, he’s jumping,  He wants to play with his ball he will.  Roy lives his best life not worrying about others’ judgment or actions, he does what he wants to do and is 100% his authentic self. 

    He wants love and affection from you but you are giving it to another person or dog, he doesn’t care he’s climbing in between and getting what he wants!

    While we have worked on some obedience training. Like sit, stay, and wait, but at the end of the day, he will be himself.

    Slow and steady makes progress

    When Roy has to put a little strategy into getting what he wants,  and this is usually when we go to sleep he wants to be touching me.  While I prefer to sleep without a dog on me he prefers to be touching me. 

    So at night, he starts off on his side of the bed, on his pillows, and little by little he makes his way over to my side of the bed and onto my pillows.  And before I wake up the next morning I am big spooning  Roy (if I’m lucky) and if not I have his butt in my face. 

    When I first got him, he would just try and sleep on my pillow and it never worked out for him.  But when he goes slow and steady… it worked for him.

    Protect yourself

    When Roy starts acting up he might get a bop on the bum or nose (or both).   And sometimes he doesn’t not like that, and I don’t blame him.  One day he was going a little nuts and acting out. 

    So I try to take a towel and do one of the whipping things.  

    He did not like that.

    So when I went to snap him, he tried to grab the towel to stop me.   Well, he ended up getting my arm instead.  Roy does not have cat-like reflexes.   I couldn’t even be mad at him.  What did he do wrong?  He was protecting himself from me when our roughhousing got to be a little much. 

    Cuddle With The One You Love. 

    Every night and even during the day, Roy will always find himself on my lap or next to me.  When I’m on the couch Roy is either on my lap or next to me waiting for the laptop to be put down so he can climb on my lap.   When we go to bed and before we wake up the next morning he is right there next to me.  

    Every night even when he is mad at me for not letting him steal a second dinner, or when he goes crazy with his ball,  we always go to bed the same way. 

    While Roy maybe just a dog to most, but he is more than that.  Roy has been able in the past year to help me be better at my personal and professional relationships by how we interact.  We all have the ability to learn from others and from other creatures as well.  We just have to open our eyes, be honest with ourselves and take time to reflect on what we see and hear. 

    How can some of the lessons I’ve learned from Roy help you?

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