Your Best is a Sliding Scale

I’m a very systematic person, I try to keep the same routine day in and day out.   However some days I feel different, even though I did the same routine as the day before, nothing in my day was out of ordinary, but my body, mind, or spirit is just feeling different.  
Now this different feeling may not necessary be a bad thing, it just means your performance for the day is not going to be what is typically expected from you.  In Cleveland we got a new quarterback last year, Baker Mayfield.  Before one game he said he was “feeling dangerous” and went out there and had the game of his lifetime.  While we would want him to perform like that every game since we saw it once, that wasn’t the case.  
Since that game he’s had better performances and performances that were not as good.  However if you ask Baker or any professional athlete if they gave their best out there they may say,  “no”.  
That might go against what I’m trying to say here.  But it was not their best performance, but if you ask them if they gave their best , more then likely they will say yes.  Meaning their best for one game is not the same for the next.  But they for sure gave their best for what they had for their day.  
How does this apply to you?  Same way, some days at work you don’t produce as much as the day before, you feel like you gave it your all, but your work performance wasn’t the same.  Or you are at the gym you set a new Pr and next week when you try to lift the same weight you can’t.  Doesn’t mean you tried any less or gave any less?  It simply means your best efforts for the day are different.  
Please send me a message or start a discussion below, if things haven’t happen to you as you’ve planned.  Someone like you is think the same thing, however they are waiting on YOU to start the discussion.  

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