The Power of the Brain

Have you ever gone into a meeting or an appointment and had it made up in your mind that this is gonna suck? How was your attitude? Did the smallest thing set you off? Happens to me all the time. 
 Last week a friend of mine wanted to grab brunch on Sunday.  Then she couldn’t and then at the last minute she was able too.  This was maybe 15 minutes before I like to head down to grab my brunch.  
She text me to tell me she was there and I reply that I wasn’t.  I was on my way. 5 minutes later she called asking me where i was. The same friend who has kept me waiting 30+ minutes when we’ve scheduled other times to go out before. So her time management when it comes to others is not important.  
I answered the phone and was a bit hostile from her contradiction.  When i arrived 2 minutes later she was sitting in the corner not at the bar, pissed off that the restaurant had a camera crew in there and didn’t get her permission to record her.  
So I was instantly in a foul mood.  She hijacked my brunch force me to sit with my back to everyone which I don’t like and I was already pissed about the “harassing” calls in the 5 minutes it took me to get there
My attitude and mood was like that the entire time with her.  I wouldn’t allow myself to think anything positive about what was going on.  Everything in my head was negative. When in reality it wasn’t as bad as I made it to be. 
I could have moved the chair so I wasn’t in a vulnerable seating position. I could have thought about how it was nice to see my friend I had not in a while.  Instead I allowed myself to be miserable by control my thoughts by thinking negative.  
I could have easily changed that by changing my attitude, my thoughts, and my body language.  The power of your thoughts and brain is amazing.
For the longest time before i had a meeting a call or anything I had to prepare for, I would create this crazy wild negative situations in my mind and I would try to figure out how I wanted to handle this make believe situations.  And how many times did things go as bad as I had thought? Never. 
What would have been better is after I prepared for my event was to do positive affirmations.  Tell myself as specifically as possible how I was gonna to crush whatever it was I was doing.  It could as simple as a workout, a call, and presentation, whatever, but positive affirmations changes your output and outcome.  
Here’s an example of what i do know.  Let’s say I’m doing a chest workout at the gym. Right now my least favorite muscle to exercise.  Instead of going in there thinking how bad this is gonna suck, I change some my thoughts to be something like this “alright I’m going to crush this chest workout today, i’m going to do my dumbbell incline press so well, that it is going to get video taped by a trainer who is working out to share with his clients to show what perfect form looks like”  
Now will that happen?  I don’t know… doubtful since no PTs really work out when I do, but it could.  All I know is when I have that mindset my workout is better then be walking into it say “let’s just finish this workout”  
The power of positive thoughts can change the complete experience of any event.  Go in excited over being nervous and you’re more likely to have a more positive outcome.   The same feeling of nerves and excitement are identical, it is just your thoughts that dictate if you are nervous or excited.  


Not only does your thoughts control your attitude but so does how you move.  Think about it if your head is down and you are not picking up your feet walking like you hate life, what kind of energy do you have?
Your thoughts and body language have control on what kind of day you’re going to have.  Regardless if you are presenting, performing or simply working, you have to move confidently and think positively or you are setting yourself up for a bad day.  
You can control everything I just talked about it. The power of the day is yours.  Please send me a message or start a discussion below, if things haven’t happen to you as you’ve planned.  Someone like you is think the same thing, however they are waiting on YOU to start the discussion.  

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