Enjoy The Chapter You Are Reading

Joshua Greene
A lot of times in life we get caught up at either looking at the past or looking ahead to the future, and don’t spend enough time enjoying what we are currently doing.  I see this a lot and I was very much guilty of looking back and looking forward to never enjoy the present.  If you deep dive this thinking, you will truly never been 100% happy with your life.  You are always dreaming for something to happen again, or to happen.  But the only way to make either of these happen is focus on today.  
I was one who always lived in the past, I also thought about the “good ol’ days” and how things once were.  But truth be told those days will never happen again, they are gone.  While it might be fun to think back about those times, they are gone.  You can’t focus on how things once were, as I said they won’t happen again.  You can try to learn from them and rebuild something similar to what you once had, but it won’t be exactly what you had.  And why would you want it to be the same?  If it was so good what happen to it?  Why did you stop having that life?  Take off those graduation googles and truly think how you felt during those times, was it really as good as you thought?  
If you had something in the past you want again you have to work on it, but you also are older now and should be wiser to make it better than what you had before.  So learn from it, and build upon it.  But to do that you can’t dwell on the past, you have to make a plan for today, and work that plan to get what you want.  
Same goes for the future if you keep dreaming of the life you want and worrying about what that life will look like, you are missing out on the memories and missing out on your life right now.   Enjoy the struggle if you are struggling right now.   It will make the good times that much better when things get better.  If you are not working since you are laid off, enjoy your free time while looking for a new career.  If times are good, enjoy it, you never know when things might change.  
We live so much of our time worrying about what we can’t change, and worrying about what might happen we forget that the only thing that is going to happen is in the present.  So enjoy this chapter of your life, and make the most of it.  

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