What’s Your Identity

Who are You?

If you had to describe who you are, and what makes up your identity what would you?  You’re a basketball player?  Student?  Software Engineer?  Lawyer?   Well, you’d be wrong! 

You identity can’t be taken away from you.  So if you thought you identified as a basketball player and you break your leg, are you still a basketball player?  Once you graduate from school are you still a student?  If you loss your license to practice law are you still a lawyer? 

When you think of your identity its who you are as a person if everything you have is stripped from you.  It is made up of your character not your profession.  Its how you act as a person, and not what you have.  Its made up of what you have done as person.

Nouns to be used to describe your identity “carefree, loving, strict, go getter and etc”.  So if you were asked now, what is your identity? 

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