Control Your Destiny

Josh Greene

Over the past few weeks I’ve been watching some football playoffs. Seeing social media posts how the refs cost their team the game, and it got me thinking how in our ever day life I see others not holding their destiny in their own hands like their favorite football teams. 

When it comes to football if a win or a loss can be dictated by the refs, your team never put themselves in a good position to win.  As it goes in your life, if you use the excuse I would have succeeded if “this would have happen” or “if someone had done this”  is the same thing.  You need to control your own destiny if you want to succeed. 

The easiest way to do this, is not to expect anyone to care more about your dreams, goals, business or success more than you do.  Don’t expect someone to work harder for you, then you work for you.  Control you destiny by making sure you do the work for your success and you make sure whatever has to get done, gets done.  Be in control. 

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