My Weekly Workout Routine

The cliche opening to this blog post is “I get asked a lot about what my workout routine is”, which is true I do get asked about it regularly.  I will share my current routine but remember my routine may not work for you.
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Usually once or twice a year I change up my routine, as you have read I’ve done multiple workout routine post before. The key is being consistent in whatever you do.  I hear from others at the gym, “I’m starting a new routine” and a few weeks after that,  “Josh, check out this new routine I’m doing”  From what I know it takes time to see results. People get too impatient when they don’t see fast results.  So before you think of switching things up, give your routine at least 15 weeks, and take some photos before and after the 15 weeks so you can see if what you are doing is working.  But if your diet is crap, your routine won’t matter.

The Kitchen

I believe if you are trying to get in better shape it starts in the kitchen.  The old saying is true “you can’t outwork a bad diet”  But if my weekly routine gives you some motivation, or inspiration to modify what you are doing I am happy to share. But focus some thought to what you are eating.
I personally think as long as you’re consistently go to the gym or do a workout you will see results.  The exercises and reps don’t matter as much as just showing up and doing the work CONSISTENTLY.
There exercises I do I can share later, but I wanted to get out what my typical week looks like.  When I travel, let’s say I’m caddying for Yip the week will change to fit the week.  But my perfect workout week looks like this.
I typically do four sets per exercise if I use different weights
  • 1st 20 reps
  • 2nd 10 reps
  • 3rd 10 reps
  • 4th 15 reps (same weight as the 20 reps set)
If the weight is constant, it is a  body weight exercise, a sculpting movement or finishing set I will do 3 sets of 15 reps.  Some exercises I will do 4  sets of 20. It really depends on the movement and where the movement happen is my set.


  • Cardio 45 mins on the treadmill (10% incline)
  • Chest  (9 exercises)
  • Extra set of Abs
  • Yoga


  • Cardio 45 mins on the treadmill (10% incline)
  • Back (10 exercises)


  • Legs (5 exercises)
  • Extra set of Abs


  • Cardio 45 mins on the treadmill (10% incline)
  • Arms (11 exercises)


  • Shoulders (7 exercises)
  • Yoga
  • Extra set of Abs


  • Cardio 45 mins on the treadmill (10% incline)
  • Legs (5 exercises)
  • Yoga


  • Active Rest  (10 exercises)
  • (manly abs, forearms, very few weights)
Also Monday through Saturday I will do 50 pushups, 100 crunches and 100 side touches at the end of my workout.   I try to get my cardio done first at home, then have a light breakfast and head to the gym.  My typical workouts take about 45 to 75 minutes to complete, depending on how focus I am.  I try not to make it an all day affair.  I recently changed from doing cardio from after my workout to before with breakfast in between.
The reason for this switch was I thought there was too much time between when I finished my workout to I got some substance in my body besides my BCAA drink.  I try to get a shake in within 15 minutes of finishing my workout and a real meal within 60 mins after my last set.
What is your workout routine?  I would love to hear and get inspired from you constantly do in the gym.  If you have some questions as well, please contact me, I’ll be glad to help.

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