Recently I have added a bake potato to my diet.  I was getting a little tired of rice and wanted to expand my daily diet, so I added a potato to a few of my daily meals.  Mainly when I bake my tofu with bbq sauce.  Roasted potatoes and bbq tofu just seemed to match nicely.

By adding a bake potato to my diet I also introduced a few more spices to my diet, one of them being basil.  So like I do when I add something new to my diet and I think I’m going to use regularly, I do a little research.  In the case of spices, I see what added health benefits it has in additional to enhancing the taste of my baked potatoes.  Basil Leaf

Basil comes in 35 different varieties all different sizes.  The most common researched is holy basil, and is the  most common basil used in essential oils (if that is your thing).   Some of the key benefits I have found that come with basil are it contains powerful antioxidants, it is an anti-inflammatory herb,  contains antibacterial properties, has anti-aging properties,  a natural adaptogen, and a study in 2013 has shown that holy basil may help prevent cancer (skin, liver, oral and lung).

Key Benefits

Powerful Antioxidant – When we think of powerful antioxidants we typically think of berries like the Acai berry, but basil is a very powerful antioxidant from its rientin and viceinare flavonoids.  

Anti-Inflammatory Herb – The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has found that Holy Basil was able to reduce swelling of roughly 73 percent after 24 hours of treatment.  Eugenol, Citronellol and linalol are three enzyme-inhibiting essential oils found in basil that help reduce inflammation in the body.

Antibacterial – From the volatile oils found in basil demonstrate that basil has antibacterial properties.  By adding basil to you diet you are adding a natural boost to your immune system which help fight off bacteria in the body.

Anti-Aging Properties  – Holy basil has been known to effectively eliminate harmful molecules and prevent damage to the skin from free radicals in the liver.  Basil Fresh

Natural Adaptogen –  In layman terms this means it helps lower your stress levels.  Adaptogens help your body naturally deal with stress, and basil is a powerful natural adaptogen.

Cancer Fighter – Now this sounds fantastic however there is very limited research to support this claim, so don’t think by snorting some basil everyday while smoking 2 packs of cigarettes you are going to stay cancer free.  But by raising your antioxidant activity, as well as the oils found in basil it has been link to fighting cancer.


I’m pretty happy with myself for coming across basil.  I always enjoyed the taste of this spice but never knew how powerful this spice was.  In fact I never knew  of all the values that come from many spices.  You always hear about what spices can do to help your body recover but I never put two and two together until I started this section of the blog.  I encourage everyone to go out there and research the spices they use and see how they are adding value to you life.

Dry Basil

What are your thoughts on basil?   Please contact me or start a discussion below, I’m sure others are thinking the same as you, but are waiting on YOU to start the discussion.

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