Oregano is one of those spices you probably use on everything or something you never use.  I fell into the ladder of the two groups, until I started venturing out from my typical meal of tofu and rice.  
When I began eating potatoes from being burned out with rice, I started researching recipes for potatoes since I’m not the biggest fan of a plain potato. One of the recipes I came across used oregano as one of the seasonings.
So naturally when I add something new to my diet, I try to do some research to see what it is I’m consuming.  And no surprise oregano is another spice that contains health benefits that are important to me.

Key Benefits

Rich in Antioxidants – everyone always think that antioxidants come from fruits like berries.  But as I’ve written about spices, I’ve found spices are rich in antioxidants such as basil.   By having strong antioxidants it helps your body fight off free radicals, free radicals have been linked to cause chronic diseases like cancer and heart diseases.  
Help Decrease Inflammation – inflammation is an immune response to injury or a sickness in the body.  Oregano being rich in antioxidants it is a natural anti-inflammatory, which will help reduce inflammation.  
Protects Against Cancer (maybe) – One study done in 2013 showed that oregano had anticancer activity by slowing the cancer progression of breast cancer.  The study further said it could help prevent and treat cancer.  While this is only one study there is more research being done on the benefits of oregano for fighting cancer.Oregano Spice
Other Benefits – according to The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, oregano can be used for conditions such as,  Acne, allergies, bloating, bronchitis, cold sores, dandruff, earache, fatigue, headaches, heart conditions, intestinal parasites, menstrual cramps, muscle pain, repelling insects, sore throat, toothache.  However I would probably consult a doctor.  


 What a great spice to add to your diet just for the health benefits alone. What are your thoughts on oregano?   Have any questions? Please contact me or start a discussion below.  I’m sure others are thinking the same as you, but are waiting on YOU to start the discussion.   

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