Thyme“If I can turn back ’thyme’, I’d do it all for you”  sorry I had to.  Every time I use thyme, this song pops into my head.  And here is a stretch… thyme with its health benefits can feel like its turning back time on your body.  (you be the judge if that is true) 

Key Benefits

Eyesight – Thyme is dense with Vitamin A, which promotes healthy mucus membranes, which promotes stronger eyes.  
Acne and Skin Health – With the amount of time I spend in workout clothes and the stress i’ve been acquiring lately I have some acne.  But as I introduce thyme into more of my diet i’ve notice the acne and my skin looking better.  Thyme has antibacterial properties in that will help reduce acne and promote better skin.  Now the acne on my back could be going away too from cutting out alcohol from my diet and I’ve been sleeping better, so perhaps attacking the acne on a bacterial and living fronts are helping it go away! Thyme
Hair – While I have the candid ability to grow some great locks, and I do have plenty of hair on my dome.  Thyme does help promote hair growth.  While thyme oil is known for helping to eliminate dandruff (from the antibacterial properties), and delivery the nutrients to your scalp to promote hair growth, I feel that consuming thyme can help as well but might not be as effective.
Antibacterial Properties – As i’ve alluded to in other key benefits the antibacterial properties in thyme help your body in many other ways too, such as with muscle cramps, respiratory orders, colds, and even possibly help your cough cease. 
Antioxidants – Thyme is one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants found in any herb.  As you are aware antioxidants help promote a healthier immune system.  
Anti-Fungal Properties – One of the more active ingredients found in thyme is thymol.  Thymol has many health benefits but two key ones are the ability to prevent fungus infections and help treat viral infections.   However, this is better absorbed through the oil than the spice.  
Others – Thyme has also been known to help relieve the body from stress.  Vitamin B6 is found  help your hormones boost positivity when stressful thoughts present themselves. Also thyme contains iron, vitamin k, and calcium which can help keep your bones strong. 


What are your thoughts on thyme?  Do you have any great recipes that use thyme, if so please share.  Have any questions for me?  Please send me a message or start a discussion below.  Someone like you is think the same thing, however they are waiting on YOU to start the discussion.

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