Facebook is the WORST

Thumbs Down Facebook
One of my least favorite social media platforms is Facebook.  I dislike it not from how it is setup, the functionality of it, but from how the users use it.  I have never read some many negative comments, hateful speech or so much false information in one place.  But every now and then I catch myself on there because I get a message or I have to check my ads to see how they are performing.  And every time I start to scroll I get sucked into some trolling comment and  the flood gates open on the meanest comments ever.
For those who engage on Facebook remember a few things when you are writing your comments and posting especially when it is political in nature, or can be controversial.  If someone post a comment or has a belief that is different than yours, that does not make them a bad person, nor does it mean you have to be hateful towards them because they disagree with you.  A prime example is this. 
In May,  abortion was a hot topic because of the state law’s legislative passed (but I don’t believe had actually gone into law).  Pro-Choice people would be posting as the same as Pro-Life folks did, most of it would prove their points and would be presented as facts, but most cases it was nonsense or taking out of context.  Then you have people posting if you don’t believe what i believe you need to defriend me because clearly we are not friends.    But yet we expect our government to separate church and state when in our own lives, we believe our “friends” are single dimensional.  And how they feel on one topic is the basis of your friendship with them.
This stuff drives me crazy.  Here is a knowledge bomb the only person you 100% agree with all the time is yourself.  Your closest friends, your family, your co-workers, everyone else you may agree with majority of the time but not 100% of it.  My mom and I when it comes to politics tend to see a lot of things differently.  I come over once a week for breakfast, she has the news on, and we end up discussing whatever it is the is on the news cycle.  Like I said we don’t agree with each other but it doesn’t make me right or her wrong and vice versa.  And I don’t define my mother from who beliefs in politics.  I define my mother who she is as a person and as a mother, by the actions she does.  Not if she is pro-choice or pro-life.  
Everyone has different life experiences, and through these experiences they get their point of view.   Some of my best friends have different beliefs when it comes to politics, religion, and sports teams.   But I don’t tell a friend to stop contacting me because he likes the Golden State Warriors as they are playing the Cavs in the finals.   
One of the morning shows I listen to is the Bobby Bones Show.   He was talking a while back how he ran into one the new analysis who political beliefs were the opposite of his own beliefs.   However Bobby went up to him had a conversation about music, sports, comedy all sorts of topics.  At the end of the conversation he told us that this person was a great person and they had a great conversation. He was not a bad person and he did not demonize him for his political beliefs.   Imagine that, it is possible to have conversations with people who believe in things you may not believe in.  
I challenge everyone to have a conversation with someone you don’t agree with on personal topics like religion or politics ion person and see how much differently you speak and they speak to you then what you see online.  I also get it there will be some people that are so close minded and are not willing to have a discussion, their passion may be a bit extreme for you,  but that doesn’t mean they are bad person, they just have passion and could be misguide by that passion.  And folks like that you just have to stay away from topics that may not bring the best of them out.   Hey it happens.  
Please comment below on some experiences you’ve had working with others who think differential then you.

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