Agave over Honey?

I made the decision in January to switch from honey to agave, for the reason the agave isn’t produce by an animal, and as you should know, honey comes from bees.  As I try to incorporate a vegan diet into my life, I try to find replacement for items Blue Agave Syrupthat come from animals that do not necessarily change the taste profile of what I’m eating.  An agave does that for me. I think honey is a better product for you to consume over agave on the basis of the production and type of sugar from each sweetener.  Honey is minimally processed while agave has a more complex process to production, but I would not call agave a highly processed food. Honey is produced by the nectar of plant pollinated by bees.  And at this point you can enjoy the honey.  

While the process for agave is a bit more complex.  the syrup (nectar) is processed fluids of the blue agave plant.  Like I said a bit more processed but not much more.  (1)  Agave has less sugar than honey roughly half the amount of honey per serving.  Fructose and glucose are the two simple sugars found in agave.  These types of sugar are primary the sugars found in fruits.

Why I prefer Agave

I prefer agave over honey for the simple reason its twice as sweet as honey.  So you need less agave to get the sweet taste you desire from honey.  Which lowers your sugar if you are worried about natural sugar.  While I personally feel sugars that come from fruits are ok to consume versus the sugar you would find in a snickers bar. In my opinion ALL SUGARS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. (2) 

How I use it

Now I don’t consume much agave,  I do cook with it for my breakfast.  Blue Agave Syrup I put maybe 10 grams inside my oatmeal, and drizzle some on my tofu in the morning along with cinnamon to give my tofu a french toast taste.   The macros on it are for one serving size of 21 grams (which is one tablespoon) 60 calories, 0 fat, 16 grams of carbohydrates, 16 grams of sugar The agave that I purchase is from Costco and for those who are organic freaks, it is organic!  What do you prefer agave or honey?  Have you tried agave? What are your thoughts?   Please contact me or start a discussion below, I’m sure others are thinking the same as you, but are waiting on YOU to start the discussion.

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