Back Against The Wall

Josh Greene
We’ve all heard of the saying “Fight or Flight” meaning you either fight for something or you walk away.  And when your back is against the wall, and you are at a crossroad in what you are doing, you have two choices.  
You can give up “flight” on whatever you dream or goal was, and give yourself an excuse like  “it was too hard,” “I was making no progress,” and so on.  While you can justify your reasoning for giving up and it can all be valid.  But at the end of the day, you will never achieve what you set out to achieve.  But from some this is a security blanket.  You would rather talk about how you “could have been” great at something instead of risking it all, or putting yourself completely out there and, well actually becoming great.  
The sad thing is, those who give up prematurely, their dream, goal, or whatever they were hoping to achieve, is almost in reach.  When you hear from others who have achieved greatness, they almost always acknowledge they wanted to give up.  But they had that fight mode in them to keep on going.  
For me, this is when I do my best work, when my back is against the wall, and I can either give up or fight.  I always fight if it something i truly believe in.  It may not always work out for me, by doing this and the past couple years, I suffered some big losses with this mindset.  But also some of my biggest victories and successes have come from digging in and grinding it out.  
I never wanted to be someone who talks about how they could have been something they never became.  I either will achieve it, or I will talk about those defeats in a way where others and myself can learn from it.  Not a story of falling short, but learning ways that didn’t work, and how to do it differently in the future.  No mater what you are doing, you can always get better, and you can always learn better ways to do things.  
Stay in the fight learn to enjoy the process of the grind, and keep reaching, you never know how close you are, until you get there.  Giving up is a surefire way to make sure you never conquer those dreams. 

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