“The Spice of Life” 
The importance of enjoying your food is key to a successful diet.  If you don’t enjoy what you are eating on this new found diet you are trying, it won’t last.  What I have learned to be successful in maintaining a diet is by making it a lifestyle.  And by making it a lifestyle you have to eat these meals daily.   
But who wants to eat bland food?  I sure don’t and won’t.  So what is the best way to “spice up” your meals?  You guessed it spices.  Multiple Spices
Not all spices are equal, some not only add a taste you may like, but also offer value to your body.  A lot of people don’t know that, and even fewer people know what value(s) certain spices have.  
Now I haven’t tried all spices are know everything about all spices.  But I do know somethings and have incorporated many new spices into my daily meals, to change the taste profile of the same old proteins and vegetables I consume daily.  I also choose spices that help my system recover from my workouts, long days, as well as help detoxify my system.  
At the end of the day, by adding the right spices to your meals can help your body, mind and health.  For very little effort adding spices is an easy thing to do, so why not? 
Do you have a favorite spice?  Please share with us what spices you use and why.  

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