4 Must Read Books

But we know books are full of useful information, and being part of society I think it is important that we continue to grow as person, and keep our mind running at full capacity, and books do that. Since I’m been able to find a way to enjoy books, and be able to retain what I’ve learned from these books, I have made this part of my daily routine while driving. Usually anytime I’m driving somewhere I have at least a 20 plus minute drive. So when my commute is 20 plus minutes I will either listen to a podcast or a book. A pro tip is turn the speed up to 2x (or faster if you app has the ability). I have found that I can still fully understand what is being said, and I get a book done twice as fast. It does take some getting used to and I did work my way up by starting at 1 then 1.25, 1.50 and so on.

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