Warm Lemon Water

In late August I found a YouTube Channel Simnett Nutrition and he discussed the benefits of drinking warm lemon water to start his day on an empty stomach. He used it to detoxify his system and help balance out his body’s pH Levels. And that spoke right to me. I drink a lot of coffee and I try to balance out the coffee with Alkaline water but I didn’t think it was enough. I’m a firm believer if you start your day right you are more likely to seize the day. So I thought why not give it a go, I was told also it was a nice alternative to coffee a more natural energy booster so to me this sounded perfect (it did not give me energy).

My system does feel less toxic and I believe is a nice balance to the coffee I consume. But if you add Matcha to your warm lemon water there is a natural source of energy and that does work for a pick me up.

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