That is me! If you took a look at my life on the surface, my routines, what I do, what I eat, how I live you would probably come to the opposite conclusion, that I am disciplined. And that would be a correct assessment, but it may not be accurate. I eliminate temptation from my life, so therefor I can be disciplined. So I feel that makes me undisciplined.

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Saving Energy Like Jim Brown

Love him or hate it, you cannot deny Brown was a once in a generation running back. Myself I am not a fan of Jim Brown simply for what he did off the field in how he treated women. Not a fan. But what I have noticed about Brown was what he did between plays to save energy. It had me looking at my own day to day and seeing some similarities

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Balance Doesn’t Mean Equal Balance

Throughout my life I’ve always heard that I need balance. And my assumption was that balance meant 50/50 or some other equal equation that gives equal time with energy, finances or whatever to whatever needs “balance”.

Well that is not true. As much as we should think everything in life should be balance it isn’t. And giving equal parts doesn’t necessary mean a happy life, or a productive life.

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