3 Sure Fire Ways To Get Your Life Back

Overwhelming Life

Have you have felt like your life is getting in way of your life?  Meaning pressure from work is trumping your personal life, or personal problems are holding you back from doing what you want to be doing?  

That has been me, for the longest time I would not let myself to have  personal life.  My personal life would always suffer from anything the professional.  Then I wen the opposite route, personal life was more important than work.  Now I’ve found a happy median. While life is always a sliding scale on balance.  But I make sure relationships personal or professional don’t take a hit, and if they have to that the hit is only temporary. 

Easier Said Than Done

These steps are how I’ve mastered not letting life getting in way of my life. 

Scheduled Everything.

Our phones and computers all come with calendar apps, use them or if you are old school handwrite times and dates of everything you want to do in your day, even personal items, like date night, sauna,  grocery shop, and so on. 

By scheduling everything you are making a personal contract with yourself and if you are a person of honor you should honor your agreements even with yourself.  This also allows you to plan your day and make sure you have time and balance for everything you need or want to do.

Be Present

If your boss adds ton of work on your desk, and you can’t focus on other conversations, that manifest that to those who need to hear it.  Everyone understands that things come up and just need to be up front with everyone who is involved.  Or if you have a personal issue that needs your attention at work, manifest the problem to your boss and fix that, so you can be more attentive while at work, instead of being at work while your mind is elsewhere.

Don’t Overcommit

When life is becoming overwhelming cut back on your things that are not currently vital.  Maybe cut out going out after work to the local pub.  By eliminating distractions you can focus on your tasks at hand and get back to your regular life faster.  However this new routine you are setting up may become your new regular life.  That is ok if this is what you want, sometime you have to remove bad vices and habits to make room for things that can better your life.  So what is overwhelming now could be your new normal tomorrow.

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