Covid-19 Imagination

    Life as we know it has changed these past few weeks. Regardless of your opinion on how the COVID-19 virus outbreak is being handled, your life has been impacted some way.  For some of us it has more of impact on our daily life than others. But at the end of the day most of us are sitting at home, wanting to get out of the house as we are getting stir crazy. 

    Last weekend I was sitting in the kitchen having dinner, and listening to music enjoying the company of my friend.  We were sitting in this outdated kitchen that is very ugly, but in my mind we were sitting at a Bed & Breakfast in one of my favorite cities, New Orleans, and the music coming from the Sonos speaker in my mind was live music coming from the street performers.  Your body may be stuck in your house, but your brain, your imagination, and your thoughts can take you anywhere you want to go. 

    Remember the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” when Andy got put in solitary confinement and when his time was over and went to the mess hall for a meal, his buddy were asking him how he spent the time?  He made mention that he had music, and the one guy was like the warden let you bring the vinyl player down with him, and he said no, it was all in his mind.  That is pretty much what we need to be doing now, to keep our sanity and keep us thinking positive and moving forward. 

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