Mindset: Always be the Hardest Worker in the Room

    Joshua Greene
    One of my favorite mindsets is to always be the hardest worker in the room, now I might not always be that, but that is always what I strive to do.  The old saying goes “iron sharpens iron”, so by having the mindset being the hardest worker in the room, you should hope others in that space feel the same way and want to be the hardest worker in the room.  By doing so you will continue to challenge each other to get better at being better.  
     A few months ago I switched gyms for this exact reason.  When I was working out in the morning I noticed my work outs were taking longer and longer at one gym versus when I went to my current gym.  I knew I was working harder than anyone else in the first gym, but comparing myself to those who just wanted to check off their list for the day that they worked out instead of pushing themselves was putting me into a slump.  At my new gym there are a ton more members and a lot of them workout hard.  This pushes me to continue to workout even harder so they can’t out work me. 
    I don’t focus on anyone or any group at the gym, but you can always tell in any room, gym, office, school, wherever who is working hard and who isn’t.  The goal is to make sure I’m not slacking so when I’m in between sets and I check my phone and see someone doing a set it is a reminder to me to get back my focus and start tossing some weights around.  
    This doesn’t just go for the gym, it goes for every space in life.  Your career, your education, whatever, don’t let others outwork you.  Every time I got complacent in life, bad things have happen to me.  You need to always strive to getting better, more results and pushing yourself to be better, if not you are getting worse.  

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